When it comes to websites, there are few things worse than discovering your site has been hacked. That panic you are feeling right now is totally normal. Take a deep breath and give us a call, we can fix it! Our security services span anywhere from regular security scans to fixing and hardening a site that has been completely hacked.

The security scan tool we use is the most comprehensive in the industry, literally scanning every single line of every single file on your site. If your site has not been hacked, we take steps to make sure that you never are and provide you with a report of what we found, what we changed, and any steps you need to take in the future to avoid security risks.

If your site is hacked, this same service will expose every hacked file on your server, and the means by which the hacker gained access so that we can fix and harden it. Unlike other services that only base-line scan your site, and repair it by deleting infected files (which, by the way, means your Joomla site will then no longer work) we completely fix the problem as if it never happened and take the necessary steps to make sure it never does again.

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