Are you on an early version of Joomla? If so, you are at a huge risk in terms of security. It isn't a matter of if you will be hacked, it is strictly a matter of when. Figuratively speaking, you're wearing a proverbial bullseye on your website to hackers if you're on version 1.X. Upgrading can be a daunting challenge, you can spend countless hours trying to upgrade your site and still end up with a non-working version. If this is you, you have come to the right place! Our team of Joomla professionals can upgrade your site quickly and affordably! 

Your Joomla migration begins with cloning your existing 1.X site to our development servers so that during the migration your live site is completely unaffected by the process. We start with a comprehensive security scan to be certain that your site has not already been compromised. This is a service, when purchased separately, is a $24.99 value, but free when you purchase a migration package, you'll also receive a complete report on what was found and your new site will be built utilizing industry standard security policies to minimize future hacking risks.   If, by chance, your site has been compromised, we completely clean and secure it before the data migration begins. Separately this would be a $150 service, completely free to you when you purchase a migration package.   

We then begin the migration process which not only includes all content, categories, and images, but unlike other migration companies we include all migration compliant components to their current versions as well (see exclusions below). While the client is responsible for any commercial component purchases, we don't charge you extra for this upgrade, it is included in your migration purchase.   Once the core migration is complete we offer you a wide selection of professional commercial templates to choose from as most Joomla 1.X templates are not compatible with Joomla 3.X. Again, our competitors will charge you for this, a $50 value, but it is completely free with your purchase of a migration package. The core template of your choice is included, if you have specific design needs we can help you there as well, please let your assigned developer know if you have an interest in this separate service.  

Once you are satisfied with your converted site we then backup your old site and move your new one to your live site! You don't pay until you are completely satisfied with the conversion! 

*Exclusions: Ecommerce and community sites can be migrated in the process but at an extra fee due to the inherent complexeties of those components. Migration compliant component means that there is a version available for 3.X with a defined data migration process.

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